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Get a valuable homepage backlink starting from $50 a year

We were looking for the best way to get the most valuable backlinks at a low cost to rank our sites. This is how Shared Domains was born.

In other words, for $150 you get a backlink from $2000-worth domain.

Dmitry Sokhach

With many years of experience in SEO, Dmitry Sokhach is a reputable expert in the industry. He is also a speaker at numerous conferences, including Nazapad, CPAConf, 8P, and Payoneer, as well as a Matt Diggity’s 6 Figure Flipper Club member.

Backlink Parameters and Prices
RD total RD main DR DA TF First year price Next year renewal
563 443 33 39 28 $145.84 $26.3
292 249 36 47 13 $81.21 $35.7
444 336 38 38 27 $148.06 $31.25
672 228 38 35 23 $76.05 $26.3
142 92 31 40 20 $57.25 $27.7
What Our Clients Say

Daniel Dramshev, CEO & Founder at Netrocket – digital marketing agency with main expertise in SEO and PPC

How I made my first $1M with Shared.domains.

Oleg Galeev. SEO Lead at Stigan Media | Gaffiliator.com

Shared Domains Review from Alex Savy, Founder CEO of Asavy Marketing

Ivan Palii, Head of Product at Sitechecker

How It Works
We Choose Domains

No matter if it's business hours or weekends we analyze Webarchive, Ahrefs, DNS, VirusTotal to provide an ultimate assessment of every domain.

We Buy Domains

Our customers choose domains that suit them best and then pre-order them. When we have enough pre-orders, we purchase the domain.

We Build Websites

We use separate web hosting platforms and IPs to build a website. Each site has its own unique structure and content.

We Place Links

Each customer will receive an image link or a text link within 8-9 weeks.

Save your time and money with Shared Domains
With Shared Domains, you can get a solid backlink from a $2000-worth domain for only $150!

We publish domains and their parameters. Choose sites that perfectly suit your business goals.

No link flashing

The minimum period of link placement is six months.

Uptime monitoring

We monitor every website built 24/7.

Premium Hostings

We use only popular and reliable web hosting sites.

Minimum OBL

Not more than 20 links from the homepage.

Different Registrars

We distribute our sites among different registrars.

Link Moderation

We moderate each participant.

No Crawlers

No Ahrefs or SEMrush bots, etc.

Who Can Benefit
More than 200 customers have already used our service to grow their businesses:
SEO Experts

SEO experts use Shared.domains to promote their own websites and those of their clients/partners.

Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers use our service to drive more traffic to their Amazon listings.


Successful marketers all over the world use Shared.domains to promote SaaS products and services.

Shared Domains Website and Telegram Bot
You can use both our website or the messenger to make your pre-order. We Are Online!

You have to pay for the slot within 3 days.

It usually takes 8-9 weeks from domain purchase to backlinking to client sites. During this time, the domain is received from the registrar (sometimes, the process takes up to 2 weeks), then we build a website, and it runs without backlinks for a while. This is to have the best SEO results from backlinks.

Yes, you are guaranteed to receive a homepage link. If you have purchased 2 slots, you can link to two different sites.

Yes. You must not use Shared.Domains in connection with any product, service, transaction, or any other related activity that involves::

  • sexually-oriented or pornographic products or services
  • products/services that promote hate, violence, harassment or abuse, if illegal
  • weapons and munitions
  • prescription drugs, illegal drugs or substances designed to mimic illegal drugs
  • multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes
  • stolen goods including digital and virtual goods
  • items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any
  • jurisdiction
  • hacking, warez, cheat codes, unlicensed software, download, app, apk
  • sites that relate to actions that show the personal information of third parties
  • any kind of spam services
  • involve sale of fakes
  • sites that facilitate any viruses, trojan horses, worms or other computer programming routines that may damage
  • any other illegal products and services

We do not re-build sites from web.archive.org to avoid violation of third-party rights, even if those entities do not exist. For example, if a company, that used to install solar panels in the past, has not renewed its domain, we will not use this company's logo or contacts. In this case, we will write new informative articles related to alternative energy.

Absolutely. Moreover, it's for free! If you have a slot on a particular domain, you can submit one article per year. If you have more slots, we are ready to post more articles from you! However, to post an article with links to your site(s), you must first submit an article without links. This is to indicate the site contains not only paid articles but also link-free articles.

Here's a list of our requirements for submitting an article on Shared Domains.

  1. The length of your article should not be less than 4000 characters (700 words).
  2. The article must include 2 images (at least).
  3. The article must have 2 or more H2 subheadings, title tags, and meta description tags.
  4. Your featured image must not be less than 1024 x 768 in size.
  5. Your article must be unique, original, and relevant to the website content.
  6. We do not accept images taken from Google. You can use free stock images from sites like Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. However, we always ask our guest writers to make sure they can be used without backlinks or fees.

You choose how much you want to pay for a link from a particular domain. You can find more information on this in the "How It Works" section on the site.

The Telegram bot allows you to make pre-orders without having to log in. To use it, add @shared.domains and press /start.

On average, each site gets 12 homepage links.

You will receive the link via the Telegram bot, in case you can't log in for any reason - just drop us an email, and we will reset your password manually.

To avoid frequent link changes, the minimum period of link replacement is six months. We can remove any link at your request whenever you want.

You can visit usmemorialday.org to see how backlinks will be placed (see the logos in the footer). Note that we have nothing to do with this website or any links posted on it.

When it comes to websites, no matter how reliable your hosting provider is, sometimes, failures are simply inevitable. However, we closely monitor each website, and if it becomes unavailable, we will immediately contact the hosting provider to fix it.

Yes, we do.

This information will be specified as soon as the domain becomes available for link placement.

Aftermarket is a service that provides ready-made slots for link placement. The cool thing about this service is that you get your link fast (within 24 hours, excluding weekends), but you will be able to see the domain ONLY after the purchase (because domains can be seen only by slot owners).

How does it work?

You must have enough money on your account to buy your selected slot. You buy this link on this page.

On the Aftermarket page, you see all the information we provide on the auction, except for notes and screenshots. To purchase a slot, you will need to click on the "View" button. That's where you will see all the information about the slot and purchase it.

After purchasing the slot, it will immediately appear on the "Slots" page. Now, you can add your task. The link will be added within 24 hours (excl. weekends).

We understand that you may require more information on slots. That’s why our customer support is ready to help you with any additional information.

You can contact Igor via Telegram (@shared_domains_support). He will answer all your questions.

Our Client Feedback

I've been using Shared.domains service for over 6 months and I am happy with the process and the domains I get. The price per link is more than reasonable and the Shared.domains team provides good work and support in selecting and setting up the domains. I also saved tons of time and worked on different SEO aspects. My clients have improved in rankings. Can't be happier so far.

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Oleg Galeev
SEO Manager At Stigan Media Inc

The best replacement for your own PBNs. The domains are more powerful than the ones you can actually buy on your own, and the prices are quite attractive, even too cheap at times. The renewal cost pennies.

Shared.domains deals with all issues related to website efficiency and PBN development. I can say that their links provide excellent growth.

Andrey Scheglov
Revenue Lab

I have already bought more than 10 homepage links. These domains are solid!

Normally, a link like that would cost me around $300-600, but thanks to shared.domains I got it for 100-200!

George (SEOBAG)
Head of SEO at Develux

Great service! I can buy homepage links x7 or even x10 times cheaper! No need to worry about rebuilding or hosting the site, I just pay the money and get my link. Just like that!

A guest post costs $100-150, just like a homepage link on shared.domains. Guess, I don't have to explain which works better ;)

Dmitry Aniskov
Local SEO & Lead Generation expert
Independent Expert Review

All competitive niches use outreach, UGC links, and homepage backlinks.

So far, homepage backlinks are the most valueable.

Victor Karpenko
NaZahid Conference Organizer